Preparing Your Home PDF

House in general:
___ Make sure all of the light bulbs work in the house, including lamp shades.
___ All ceiling fans turned off
___ Put away anything that is pet related (beds, dishes, toys etc.)
___Put baby gates away
___ Open all curtains and drapes, close windows, I'll adjust blinds depending on style
___ Remove all clutter from every room, remove family photos, tissue boxes, seasonal decorations
___ Clean windows if needed

___ Remove all of the magnets and items off of the refrigerator
___ Put away dishes, dish rags, scrubbers, dish racks and related items away
___ Counters need to be cleaned off, all that should be visible is small appliances and d├ęcor
___ Remove toaster ovens
___ Remove all trash cans
___ Remove mats and rugs off of floor
___ Remove free standing paper towel rolls

___ Clear countertops of all personal items like cups and toothbrushes, remove carpet toilet seat covers
___ Put extra toilet paper rolls, toilet brushes, tissue boxes , air fresheners, and floor mats away
___ Clean mirrors with a foam window cleaner, like Spray way (streaks really show in our photos)
___ Did I mention toilet brushes?

___ Make sure the beds are made, put away trash cans, laundry baskets put away
___ Make sure there is nothing under the bed that is visible, remove fans and tissue boxes

___ Move vehicles from driveway & front of the property
___ Put garden hoses either in garage, or on the side of the house
___ Sweep driveway, back patio etc.
___ Garbage bins stored out of sight
___ Lawn equipment, children's toys stored out of sight
___ Neatly arrange outdoor furniture
___ Flags taken down and stored (they move in the wind and cause issues with photos)
Note: I typically don't take photos of closets and garages. I usually take at least one photo of unfinished basements.